Trumper’s range of razors includes beautifully designed handles available in either Mach 3, Fusion or a traditional double sided head. We also offer traditional open razors, which are available via our two London shops.

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Showing all 12 results

The definitive guide to men’s razors

There are a few options available to you when choosing what razor to use, each with their own pros and cons. Our guide below will help you to make the best decision based on a number of different factors

Different types of men’s razors

As we know there are a number of different options to choose from when it comes to mens razors, with the main ones being:

  • Cartridge razors
  • Double edged safety razors
  • Open razors

Cartridge razors

Typically speaking, cartridge razors are made either completely disposable for single use (plastic handle and razor cartridge), or reusable where the handle is made of a plastic, metal or synthetic type material intended for multiple use, with the razor cartridges still being disposable but after a few uses. Generally speaking the pros of these razors are that they are fast and convenient to use, with the cons being that the razor cartridges require replacement after a certain amount of use and replacement blades can be costly. 

Safety razors

If looking for something a bit more sophisticated that will not only help to enhance your shaving experience but also help to keep costs down, then the double edge razor, or the DE safety razor as it’s also known, will be the perfect choice. This is also the best choice for those wanting to use a more eco-friendly option as the razor blades used within the mechanism can easy be recycled. Also, if looked after correctly you will get a very long lifetime of usage out of this type of shaving razor.

With a protective barrier between the skin and the blade, this single razor blade option gives you the ability to have a clean and close shave without the irritation you would tend to expect from the multiple blades and lubrication strip of a disposable razor cartridge. 

Consider this the best step up from disposable, without the added expertise needed to use an open razor.

Open razors

Also known as straight razors or cut throat razors, this is the option for the man who wants true precision. Although the most unforgiving option of the three, it is also the best option for the man that wants to experience the true essence and foundation of shaving tradition. A bit more experience should be gained before using this type of razor, however once you get the hang of how to contour the razor around the shape of your face, you will never go back. A delicate tool to use which deserves respect, but once tamed will give you the opportunity to experience the closest shave imaginable. 

So which razor is right for you?

This choice really comes down to your preference and what you want and need from your shaving experience. Shaving speed or time available, plus the aesthetics of the razor and the cost to maintain the product all play a factor in your shaving routine when choosing a men’s razor.

Speed / time

If you are looking for the fastest option and want to be able to wrap things up within a couple of minutes, cartridge or safety razors will be your best choice. If you have a bit more shaving experience and want to spend the time to enjoy the ceremony of the shaving process, then an open razor will be your best move.


Some men choose a fully metal safety razor for the look and feel of the razor, along with he fact that there are no plastic components. Others will prefer a simulated ivory or horn finish to their razor to match their shaving brush. Again this is simply down to preference.


As you can imagine there is a difference in cost between a handled cartridge razor that uses plastic disposable razor cartridges and double edged safety razors that use a single use razor blade. Although many may think the latter safety razor will end up being the more expensive option, on the contrary razor cartridges tend to be more costly and generally speaking you will find replacing razor blades over cartridges to be less expensive in the long run.