Mens Fragrances

Our range of men’s fragrances comprises over 20 different Colognes and Eau de Toilettes for the modern gentleman from modern classics to traditional scents. Our signature collection of men’s Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum features a scent for every occasion, with a high concentration of essential oils for a long lasting effect.

Whether you desire a fresh eau de cologne with citrus notes,  want to find a new signature scent with woody undertones or an exciting date night cologne, a functional fragrance with fresh notes for everyday wear, or a powerful scent with cigar smoke base notes of Tonka Bean for the workplace, we have many quality fragrances for the contemporary man.

Showing all 25 results

Showing all 25 results

How should I apply Cologne?

The neck and wrists are a great location to apply cologne, however any warm areas of the body including pulse points will work great. Spray the cologne from a few inches away without rubbing it onto the skin after. A small amount is needed, and you can reapply throughout the day as needed.

How long does Cologne last?

Not to be confused with an eau de toilette or eau de parfum, the scent of cologne will last for a few hours, however to keep the intensity you may wish to use it a few times in the same day, for instance, reapplying before a dinner.

Cologne vs Eau De Parfum vs Aftershave – What is the difference?

A common stumbling block for many people and understandably so, however there is a simple explanation. Essentially, what we find these days is that a lot of mix up is due to the perceived understanding of the words aftershave, cologne and perfume, with people sometimes using different variations of the terms to explain the exact same thing.  

The main difference between cologne and eau de parfum is the concentration of the essential oils and aromatic compounds that make up the same fragrance. A cologne will tend to fall in the region of between 2-5% concentration whereas a eau de parfum will be more in the region of 15-20%. As for Aftershave, this is the lowest concentration of the three, usually at around 1-2% of essential oils, with the majority made up of alcohol. Traditionally men would usually use a cologne or eau de parfum for a more prominent fragrance and naturally a longer lasting effect.

How often should I use eau de cologne?

Really this comes down to the preference of the wearer but most men like to apply a small handful of times throughout the day to keep the freshness of the fragrance there, usually around every 5-6 hours. Cologne will however last well into the day with a single application, of course depending on the fragrance, however it may not have the same strength after the 6 hour mark.