Barber Services Pricelist

“When you avail yourself of Trumper’s services, you enjoy the superlative care, skills and expertise that have made the company renowned for over a century.”. One of many kind words spoken about us. This is the foundation where the Geo. F. Trumper barber shops earned their reputation and became infamous. Our barber price list below outlines the key hair cutting , beard shaving and grooming services we offer.

Price List

Hair Cut from £45.00
Shampoo/Blow Dry from £20.00
Friction from £10.00
Head Massage and Shampoo from £30.00
Face Massage with Barber from £30.00
Wet Shave and Hot Towels from £50.00
Full Beard Trim and Shaping from £30.00
Moustache Trim-Curl-Wax from £15.00
Head Shave from £50.00
Threading from £15.00
Manicure (Wed & Thurs Only) from £30.00
Pedicure (Wed & Thurs Only) from £40.00
Mini Facial (Wed & Thurs Only) from £38.00
Full Facial (Wed & Thurs Only) from £58.00
Trumper Shaving School Lessons
Shaving Lesson With Cartridge Razor £100.00
Shaving Lesson With Open Razor £150.00