Butterfly Safety Razor


One of our most popular shaving products, our butterfly double edge safety razors feature a textured surface for easy grip when wet as well as a butterfly opening system for easy blade changing. Only one blade is needed to provide and effortless smooth shave and closer shave with minimal irritation. These razors are also sometimes referred to as DE razor (double edged).

This is not to be confused with a tool reserved only for more experienced shavers and makes for one of the best safety razors to use when transitioning from disposables. Even those with some basic experience will be able to master the usage of our safety razors with a bit of practice and by following our fundamental principles of wet shaving guide, making use of this using a shaving device that may be considered a difficult learning curve to very quickly become second nature. The protective barrier positioned between the surface of the skin and the cutting blade makes for ease of use as opposed to straight razors that do require a bit more attention.

With a butterfly razor, the user should bear in mind that there is no need to carry out a more aggressive shave. On the contrary gentle pressure of the razor head on the skin with the razor handle is all that is needed for an effortless shave of all skin types. You will find using our double edge razor as easy if not easier to use than conventional multi blade cartridge system alternatives. We also supply replacement double edge safety razor blades to ensure you always have a perfect shaving experience with a sharp cutting blade. Pair our butterfly razor with our shaving cream or our shaving soap for an unparalleled shaving experience.

Using a single blade system will also prove to be more economical for long term use, and is an excellent way to help you save money adding to the many benefits. Moving away from single use plastic also helps to reduce plastic pollution. You can also wave goodbye to the gunky lubrication strip found on disposable single use razors that are counterproductive to a smooth finish.

Our butterfly safety razors are available in a textured grip made of gunmetal or matt chrome, making this more than simply a safety razor, but more of a beautiful tool to turn a daily task into a great shave experience.

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Our butterfly double edge safety razors feature a perfectly balanced textured surface for easy grip when wet as well as a butterfly opening mechanism for easy blade changing. Pair this product with one of our shaving creams for a comfortable shave for any skin type including sensitive skin for less irritation.

Available in Gunmetal or Matt Chrome.

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