Round Loofah Body Scrub


Improve your shower routine with our Round Loofah Body Scrub, the perfect combination of Egyptian loofah and soft cotton. This exfoliating body scrub offers you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

This circular loofah scrub has two sides. One side is made of Egyptian loofah that naturally exfoliates your skin, promotes healthy circulation, and enhances its inner radiance. The other side is made of plush cotton with a hand strap for a secure grip and control during use when in the bath or shower.

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Key Features:

 Dual-sided design with natural Egyptian loofah (luffa) on one side and soft cotton on the other.
 Authentic Egyptian loofah exfoliates and revitalizes the skin.
 Convenient hand strap for enhanced grip and control during use.
 Crafted for durability, ensuring long-lasting use.
 Biodegradable and eco-friendly for a guilt-free shower experience.

Key Benefits:

 Removes dead skin cells, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.
 Hand strap provides a secure grip for precise application.
Enhances circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

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