Large Raw Loofah With Loops


Ideal for both shower and bath use, our large raw loofaw with loops work wonders for scrubbing, leaving your skin remarkably soft and rejuvenated. Enhance your skincare routine οr bathing experience  with the luxurious touch of this Egyptian Loofah.

Sized at around 60cm, this compressed loofah will expand when wet to its full size. It can also be cut down into smaller pieces if you require a smaller sized loofah.

Complete with loops which can be used to manipulate the loofah or even hang it between uses allowing it to dry.

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Effective exfoliation: The natural fibers of our Egyptian Luxury Loofahs gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, smoother complexion.

Invigorating bathing experience: The unique texture of the loofah fibers provides an invigorating scrub, leaving your skin revitalized and glowing after each use.

Durable and tough: Once fully matured, the loofahs become reasonably tough, making them versatile for various tasks including exfoliation, cleaning, and even artistic projects like painting.

Natural and sustainable: Crafted from natural materials, these loofahs offer an eco-friendly option for your skincare routine.

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