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Trumper’s range of Shower Gels and Body Washes are available in a range of scents to complement our range of colognes and shaving products. Their luxurious lather will ensure that your skin is left wonderfully soft and smooth, whilst the enticing fragrances will awaken your senses for the day ahead.

Unfragranced Foaming Face Wash


San Remo Hair and Body Wash




Eucris Bath and Shower Gel

Tube 200ml

Spanish Leather Hair & Body Wash

GFT Hair & Body Wash

Extract of West Indian Limes Bath and Shower Gel

Sandalwood Hair & Body Wash

Extract of Limes Body Scrub

Travel bottle 200ml

Currently out of stock

Travel bottle 500ml

Currently out of stock

Almond Oil Body Wash

Tube 200ml

Embossed Gel/Lotion Pump Top

Paisley Hair and Body Wash